Zhang Chunxian, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Led a Team to Fuda for Investigation
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On July 16, Zhang Chunxian, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, led a research team to visit Guilin Fuda Co., Ltd., a high-end manufacturing company under the Fuda Holding Group to conduct research of the issue of social security and labor rights protection for employees in the “New Gig Economy”. Wang Guosheng and Jiang Xiaojuan, deputy directors of the Social Construction Committee of the National People’s Congress, and You Jun, deputy minister of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, participated in the survey. Zhao Leqin and Lu Xianbian, deputy directors of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of the Autonomous Region, Zhou Jiabin, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Zhang Xiaowu, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress accompanied the investigation. Li Fuchao, Chairman of Fuda Holding Group, received and introduced the company. The research team went deep into the front line of production to understand the situation of enterprise development, employment training, and implementation of employee social security.

Zhang Chunxian (fourth from right) listens to Li Fuchao's report on Fuda Co., Ltd.

The research team conducts field investigation at Fuda Alfing large crankshaft company

Li Fuchao introduced to the research team that Fuda Co., Ltd. currently has a stable workforce of more than 2,700 employees and has full coverage of social insurance. The company continues to carry out the "Good job, good life, and good health", meanwhile, in response to the government's call to implement training programs such as "Training by Workers" and "Double Thousand Pairs of On-the-job Skills Upgrading Training Vouchers", more than 1,800 employees were actively organized to participate in vocational skills upgrading training, which improved their technical capabilities, and effectively stabilized employees team. At the same time of its own development, Fuda actively assumes social responsibilities, absorbs 42 laborers from poor families in the surrounding area, train and impart skills, make them possess the ability to get rid of poverty.

Since 2020, in the face of the complex economic environment, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have issued relevant support policies for the "The Six Stability" and "The Six Guarantees", which have played an important role in supporting social and economic development. Fuda has assumed its responsibilities, starting from itself, no staff was laid off or reduced during the epidemic period. Enjoy the social security preferential policies issued by the state, and insist on doing a good job in stabilizing employment. During the epidemic, the local government gave a total of 16.69 million yuan in social security relief for 2020 according to the policy. With the joint efforts of all employees, the impact of the epidemic has been overcome, and the company's business conditions have continued to develop.

The company has attracted and cultivated a group of outstanding technical experts and management talents through the national post-doctoral scientific research workstation, the talent small highland of autonomous region, Fuda College and other talent platforms, laying a solid foundation for the company's scientific research and technological breakthroughs and management level improvement. Pu Ying, skill master of Fuda Crankshaft Company (special allowance expert of the State Council, autonomous region-level skill master, craftsman of autonomous region, and model worker) reported to the research team on the work situation. Pu Ying joined Fuda Co., Ltd. in 2004. With the support of the company, through on-the-job learning, he graduated from Guilin Institute of Aerospace Industry with a bachelor's degree in mechanical manufacturing and automation in 2012. After graduating, Pu Ying’s skills have gone to higher level. The company established a skill master studio for him. Through skill training and craftsmanship, he led the team to achieve a number of technical improvements and innovations in the work Multiple CNC lathe debugging technicians and technicians.

The research team asked the Pu Ying about the detailed work situation

The research team affirmed the work of Fuda Co., Ltd. for its ingenuity of excellence and its emphasis on employment training, and practical solutions to the social security and labor rights protection of employees, pointed out that it’s necessary to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and summarize the experience in practices, make new contributions to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of workers and satisfying people’s expectations for a better life.

Jiang Yuliang, Secretary-General and member of Standing Committee, Zhou Lisheng, Secretary-General of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Shi Yulin, Secretary of the Lingui District Committee, and Yi Lilin, Director of the Standing Committee of the Lingui People’s Congress accompanied the investigation.

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